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Okay. When I got up this morning, my agenda was:
(1) Evict the eldest cat from the house for the day;
(2) Clean up the places where the cat has been shedding flea-dirt (Hartz anti-flea treatment not being effective) in the dining room (including, alas, the newspapers I'd been hoarding for when I finally clear out my grandmother's glassware);
(3) Put together mail orders to go out today;
(4) Lay down flea powder in dining room;
(5) Run errands:
(5a) Post office to ship mail orders;
(5b) See if Beaumont has a Container Store where I can buy a lot of cheap boxes for use as grab-bags to clear out clearance items at cons;
(5c) Lowe's, to replace plastic tubs that have broken
(5d) Grocery spot-check
(6) Return, vacuum up flea powder
What actually happened:

(1) Cat was evicted with no trouble, back outside with the other three. However, this cat has a history of "marking territory" when under stress or if the litter box is about half-used, and he'd left a big pile of cat crap right at the door joining the dining room to the living room (where cats are not permitted). So, out for a day turns out to be out forever or until I get forgetful about today. (Which is a shame, as this cat is at least fifteen years old, doesn't move as well as he used to, and needs to be an indoor cat... but not if he breaks training.)

(2) Newspapers and a lot of other trash gathered up and burned out back. Table first lint-rolled, then wiped clean to reduce flea-crap (and possible flea eggs) in the carpet. Chairs moved to kitchen, with a mental note that a wipe-down with bleach is necessary, or else pitching six dining chairs into the dumpster and replacing with folding chairs.

(3) The print job of packing slips never went through the previous night. The momentary power failure during the thunderstorm messed up the communications between computer and printer (as always), but this time one thing after another failed to get the two to talk to one another. It took over two hours of this-and-that, with me on the point of adding "buy new cheap printer" to my errand list, when I finally got the thing to work JUST in time to finish packing the mail order and get to the post office before it closed.

(3a) Observe that, of the four new tires I bought LAST WEEK for the convention minivan, three are showing pinched sidewalls. This means I will have to unload the van tomorrow so I can take it back to Wal-Mart and -try- to get replacement tires.

(4) The printer ate the time I was going to use for laying down powder on the dining room carpet. However, since the cat's not coming back in, I can do that tonight and let it sit overnight, vacuuming it up in the morning.

(5a) Arrived at post office in Kountze three minutes before closing. Got charged $7.15 for Priority Mail to Dallas on one package because it was one-and-loose-change pounds. Have a suspicion that, knowingly or not, the teller at the Kountze post office was feeding me a line on that.
(5b) No, no Container Store in Beaumont. I may make a stop in Houston
(5c) Bought four tubs, about half the number I needed.
(5d) Picked up $20 of groceries; the one on-sale thing I was looking for, wasn't on sale at the store in Lumberton.

(6) Groceries more or less put away; now to finally lay down the powder.

At some point before San Japan I need to find both time and energy to WRITE, dammit.


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