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This is why.

I'll vote for her, I suppose, but with the greatest reluctance.
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Inspired by someone calling for "real talk" about Islam in the wake of today's bombings in Brussels.

The one quote I feel most strongly about:

Your opinion, whatever it is, cannot force my silence; and my opinion cannot force your silence.
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I actually like SW:TFA better than the original SW:ANH. I like the deeper characterization. I like how it actually feels like a war instead of a handful of people running down corridors. And, yes, I admit I'm a sucker for the fanservice Kasdan and Abrams kept shoveling out by the ton.

The movie isn't perfect. It could have done with a little bit more quiet time or bonding. Some reviewers say that the movie's constant action leaves one burned out by the end, and I can see their point. Only one of the new characters really grabbed me (Finn); the others I'm kind of meh on, though it's no fault of their actors (except for one, but he tried his best). They all did wonderfully.

Okay, enough. Now for details.

;Spoilers ahoy, because I don't give a damn, and it's been two weeks anyway. )

So... after "Attack of the Clones" I had no desire to watch or read anything Star Wars related ever again. I went tonight because I wanted something to do for New Year's Eve, and almost everyone whose opinion I respect who saw the movie loved it. Now I'm eagerly looking forward to two years from now, because I have NO idea where the story is going to go from here... and I really, really want to find out.

That said, I do kind of wish I hadn't spent $25 to see it. (The popcorn and drink cost more than the ticket.)

And side note: I am NOT watching any more movies in 3D. My eyes still hurt, and the effect wasn't convincing to me. It was more like View-Master, with one flat layer atop another flat layer. Things in the foreground blurred to unrecognizable shapes when they moved quickly. If and when I rewatch the movie, it will be in blessed, blessed 2D, so I can see the crap I missed the first time round.
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Well, I've just put almost everything on sale for at least 10% off on WLP's online stores.

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The last three shirts are either DEFINITELY going away or have ALREADY gone out of print (but we still have copies).

Sale runs through December 31- order by the 15th if you want turn-around in time for Christmas!

FINAL NOTE: At the end of the year I'm going to clear ALL the customer data from the online stores. ALL OF IT. Even orders taken this month. I'm also going to clear out deadwood from the catalog database to make it easier to work on the store. I've let the online store lag this year, and I intend to change that. That means, if you're a repeat customer, you WILL have to register again after the database purge. Sorry.
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So Tom Smith is on a filker group where there's been a writing quote: "do a Tom Lehrer song on pseudoscience."

So, here's a stab at it. (Tune: "Pollution" by Tom Lehrer)

If you're feeling wan and weary
Try this old and trusted theory
Though evidence is razor-thin
It's not plain water, it's medicine!

Oh, home-e-o-pa-thy
The hypochondriac's favorite salve
The less that you got
The more that you have!

Dissolve your cure and have no care
'Cause water remembers what was there
Add more water, and still more yet
'Cause the more you add, the stronger it gets!

Oh, home-e-o-pa-thy
You know it's true because
It has the endorsement
Of TV's Doctor Oz!

But if this theory is on the square
Of the Pacific you should beware
One part per trillion of Fukushima
Oughta be enough to boil Godzilla

So go buy your homeopathic cure-alls today
The quacks say you oughta
Buy lots of water
And throw all of your cash- away!!
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Caveat: I did not vote or participate in any way in Sasquon, the 2015 Hugo Awards, or anything associated with either. The reasons I did not vote are: (1) I didn't feel like reading all the things nominated for the awards, and I don't feel qualified to vote in awards polls without some knowledge of all the options; and (2) I regard the Hugos as an unimportant popularity contest, not worth more than an occasional hour or so out of my free time. I'm only writing this because of the incredible stupidity and insanity involved with the Sad/Rabid Puppies movement.

To the supporters of Sad/Rabid Puppies: You are all insane.

Having said the single most important thing in this post, I will now explain why I say it.
Or you can move on to read something else now... )
This is why I don't just think you're assholes; you're insane.

Only assholes do things for the primary purpose of making other people angry.

And only insane people think they can do asshole things and have their victims love them for it afterwards.
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So apparently somebody passed on my previous post to the online fanzine File 770... which I really wasn't expecting, at all.

And of course I read the comments to see if there was any particular reaction to my post among the others in the article (on account of I am vain).

In those comments I found a few repeated, generalized points made by Sad/Rabid Puppies supporters which I feel deserve a generalized response, because on their face they have the appearance of valid points.
So let's strip away that false appearance, shall we? )
As I said in my previous post: these people are toxic. Don't engage. Avoid when possible, but don't make a big deal about it.

(Of course, I'm a hypocrite here, since I just responded to Puppy droppings, but I don't intend to make a habit of it.)
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A lot has been written about the Sad/Rabid Puppies and the 2015 Hugo Awards. I haven't added much to it until now, mainly because I haven't been absolutely certain what I wanted to say about the whole subject. It's taken a long time, and a lot of careful thought, for me to get beyond knee-jerk reaction and to a solid opinion.

A lot of thinking and reading means a lot of words. )
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... and now it's time to get rid of one of the biggest things.


Segno (Livingston), TX

74,250 miles
3.0 V6 engine
Automatic transmission (rebuilt 10,000 miles ago)
Just tuned up (new plugs, wires, coils, filters)

Bought new, mainly used for trips to church, beauty shop and grocery shopping (7-30 mile one-way trips).

Body has a couple of minor dents, some paint scrapes, and a large splash of concrete from highway construction several years ago. The concrete looks like mud but WILL NOT WASH OFF- nothing less than removing & repainting will fix. Interior in good shape. Factory original AM/FM/CD stereo, no USB ports. A/C in good working order.


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Here is what I know about GamerGate.

We begin with Anita Sarkeesian, who began doing review films from a radically feminist point of view about the inherent sexism in video games. (And quite frankly the sexism OUGHT to be obvious; consider how many of our games come from Japan, which is an unashamedly male-dominant society. How many times has Peach saved Mario, or Zelda saved Link? And consider some of the most popular video game series include the Grand Theft Auto and God of War series.)

This pissed off a lot of people who, quite frankly, ought to have been ignored, because they couldn't stand to have their cozy male-dominated world even brought into question. So Sarkeesian began getting false accusations, death threats, etc. Sadly, this is business as usual for the Internet.

Then along came Zoe Quinn.

Zoe Quinn is a game developer- one of the tiny minority of game developers and staff who are female. She had a bad breakup with her boyfriend, who retaliated by falsely accusing her of sleeping with or bribing game reviewers in order to get favorable reviews of her independent game project.

The same people who were attacking Anita Sarkeesian grabbed hold of the Quinn story, and began the same cycle of threats and harassment with Quinn. In order to make themselves look less like dicks, they claimed it was a protest to demand "ethics in journalism." (Never mind the simple fact that neither Sarkeesian nor Quinn are journalists. Quinn is a game developer, and Sarkeesian is a reviewer, NOT a news reporter.)

GamerGate became a thing. It was helped along in no small part by Breitbart and other conservative opinion outlets, who saw an opportunity to strike out at feminists and other "social justice warriors" who dared to threaten the conservative ideal of a male-dominant, woman-as-property society.

The harrassment escalated into stalking. The death threats became very serious and specific. And the #GamerGate supporters continued to excuse it all as "about ethics in journalism" or, at worst, "those aren't real GamerGate supporters making the threats."

And then the partisans of Quinn, Sarkeesian, and others attacked by GamerGate began fighting back. Death threats began to flow in the other direction, as did doxxings.

The battle even spread to Wikipedia, where GamerGate supporters used sockpuppet accounts to maliciously edit entries for notable feminist and anti-GamerGate figures. Feminists responded by undoing these edits and by trying to present the darker side of GamerGate on the Wikipedia entry for the movement. Wikipedia's top board of editors, the arbitration committee, responded by permanently banning the feminists from all topics related to sexuality.

So now we have a situation in which a group of people defends harassment and death threats against another group because "they were asking for it," or, "They started it first," or, "It's not about harassment, it's about journalism ethics."


Here's my full position on all of it.

You have the right to have an opinion, and to express it publicly. This is called free speech.

You have the right to say that someone else's opinion is full of shit. This is also free speech.

You have the right to make a feminist video game, or a misogynistic video game, or a blockbuster movie that presents blatant domestic abuse as voluntary BDSM roleplay. And you also have the right to say that people should or shouldn't spend their money on any of these things. This is also free speech.

And, finally, you have the right to point out that holding certain opinions, and expressing them openly, makes a person an asshole. Michael Moore is an asshole. So is David Barton. So is Bryan Fischer. So is Jack Thompson. This also is free speech, and you do NOT have the right to not be called an asshole.

You do NOT have the right to terrorize someone, through doxxing, stalking, harassment or death threats, in order to silence them. Ever. Not even if "they started it" or "video game journalism ethics" or "systematic misogyny" or any other excuse you can dream up.

And if you defend such tactics- and by the way, every time you post a pro-#GamerGate post, you ARE defending those tactics, because that's what GamerGate was started to do- then guess what? You're an asshole.

And just to be clear, if you're a feminist or liberal and you retaliate using GamerGate tactics? I don't care. You're an asshole too, and YOU at least should know better than to lower yourself to their level.

And finally, I would be much happier if a certain number of GamerGate supporters came clean and admitted they don't give a fuck about journalism ethics, they just want to make sure nobody comes after their sexy fun times. That would be cool.

But I really am getting sick and fucking tired of #GamerGate, especially when I see the tag attached to the most vile and smug bullshit imaginable. Seriously- PICK ANOTHER FUCKING NAME. If you're actually serious about the journalism thing, try #NoGamePayola. If you want to defend your BDSM porn or your bikini-Amazon-chick in your favorite video game, try #PornIsGood or #SaveOurSex or something. But the name #GamerGate is poison.

If you're identifying as #GamerGate, then you're standing beside people who want to keep gaming a boys'-only club- or, at least, boys and those girls who aren't threatening to boys' fragile egos. You're using a name which is inextricably linked to harassing women.

So, if I happen to see a post from you that approves in any way at all of GamerGate, I'm going to regard you as someone who hates women unless they're subservient to you, and who is just fine with any and all tactics to force women into submission.

And if I happen to learn that you are a liberal cheering on (or even perpetrating) the same kind of bullshit GamerGate unleashes on its chosen targets in some idiotic notion of retaliation or "sauce for the gander," I'm going to regard you as someone who has lost all sight of moral standards for the sake of petty tribal bickering.

Either way, an asshole.

EDIT: If your movement is making people ashamed to be involved with gaming at all, YOU'RE FUCKING DOING IT WRONG.
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While out and about today I listened to a two CD set of Harry Chapin's 2000th concert I picked up off Amazon. And it triggered the following, which I held onto as much as I could until I got home and could write it down. (The bridge was better in the car, but I couldn't keep it in memory.)

I sent all my wishes to Santa Claus
But he never listened to me
I sent him my list and I tried to be nice
As good as I knew how to be
But Christmas Morning brought me sweaters and socks
And I didn't think it was fair
The bully in the mansion got the stuff that I'd asked for
And I wondered if Santa was there


But I saw him on the Six O'Clock News
Smiling and a-winking at me
Standing with the rich men in their three-piece suits
Grinning as wide as can be
I want to ask, "When do we get a choice?
Where is the help for the poor girls and boys?
How long till somebody hears our voice?"
But all I get is, "Wait and see."

I sent all my prayers to God above
But He never listened to me
I prayed for His help and followed his rules
And watched his preachers on the TV
But they told us the people the Bible tells us to love
We really ought to hate and fear
Then they asked me to send them my cash when I'm broke
And I wondered, is God really here?



I've tried to have faith in America's promise
So all of my grievances I've aired
But what is the point of going through the motions
When the people in charge just don't care?

I send my letters to my Congressman
But he never listens to me
I ask him what he's doing to help working folks
But I keep it phrased most courteously
But he's too busy raising money for his next campaign
Taking checks from his corporate friends
His opponent is doing the exact same thing
Is this how democracy ends?


And I saw them on the Six O'Clock News
Smiling and a-winking at me
Standing with the rich men in their three-piece suits
Grinning as wide as can be
I want to ask, "When do we get a choice?
Where is the help for the poor girls and boys?
How long till somebody hears our voice?"
(spoken): And the rich men say: "Never, if we can help it!"

(sung): I guess I'll wait and see

This game.

Dec. 12th, 2014 10:42 pm
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First, a quick note- I'm in Biloxi as I type this, selling at Geekonomicon. At the end of Friday I've already blown past my weekend-long total for Fear Fete and have paid for pretty much everything except the merchandise to replace what's sold. This is looking like a good weekend, and I needed one, since too many shows I've done since Labor Day have either disappointed or outright tanked (see again Fear Fete).

But I didn't post to talk about that. Tonight it's golf. I do that sometimes, and with WLP building up its convention business a good bit this year, I do it a little more often. I've even slapped together a compact bag and five clubs that can squeeze into an otherwise loaded van so I can try to pick up a round on a course I haven't played going to or coming from a convention.

Yesterday I tried it out on the road for the first time, playing a round at a course I've played only a couple times before and not in over a decade, Henry Homburg Municipal in Beaumont, TX.

Quick course review: it's boring and flat, with most of the holes straight and none really challenging for anyone but a complete duffer. It's about as friendly to a weak golfer like myself as anyone has a right to expect. There are three water holes on the back nine, but the only serious water on the front is a drainage ditch in front of #4 tee and Chocolate Bayou, which runs on the left side of five holes beyond the fence. It's better maintained than average for a munie, and the price isn't bad ($26 for a round on a weekday with cart, $18 for a round without cart).

On the front nine I played close to the best I've ever played on a full-length course- perfect double bogey, 54. I had no pars, but I didn't self-destruct, either. The majority of my tee shots were crap, but they all ended up in the fairways, and my iron shots were workable. Even my short game became... tolerable. My putting let me down, since I could never get the feel of the greens, which is why I had only one bogey and no pars on the front nine. Still, if I could do that regularly, I wouldn't be so grumpy. I've never broken 110 on a par-72 course, but it looked like my day to do it.

At the turn I ducked into the pro shop for a bathroom break, and absolutely nothing went right after that.

Hitting the ball felt like hitting a metal spike in the ground, complete with my club turning open on impact. Balls went everywhere EXCEPT the fairway, and never very far. I could not get a tee shot in the air to save my life until, in desperation, I teed off with a seven-iron on the short par-3 #17, skipped it across the water, bouced it over the green, and knocked it into the embankment behind the green, ending up a putter head's length away from being on in regulation. (And then I four-putted, blowing a decent par chance completely.)

I finished up with ten strokes on the 440+ yard par-4 18th, for a back nine of 69 (which is my worst nine holes in a decade) and a round of 123.

To paraphrase another quotation whose source I can't recall: "30 handicap, round of 97, result: happiness. 30 handicap, round of 107, result: misery."

Those of you who golf already understand.
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First, a reminder of what was posted Sunday night.

WLP Online Store:
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20% off ALL T-shirts (and I've just updated and with the newest designs)!

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Plus I'll be adding more books, manga, and ESPECIALLY DVDs (including classic Doctor Who stories and some great old-school anime) over the coming week!

ADDED MONDAY: the most recent Haruhi Suzumiya manga releases!

ADDED TUESDAY: all the Spice & Wolf manga, novels, and the complete DVD/Blu-Ray collection!

ALSO ADDED TUESDAY: eleven classic DOCTOR WHO adventures on DVD!

TO BE ADDED WEDNESDAY: a bunch of great classic anime hits Kris Overstreet loves and thinks you should own!

Orders need to be placed by December 15th if you want them for Christmas delivery.

I need to reduce some inventory and get cash for the lean winter months- so please keep checking the online stores and shopping WLP!
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Well, last night was worse than anybody expected, even me. Not only did Republicans win across the board (providing them a mandate for their destruction of the public sector and tax handouts to the super-wealthy), but the particular candidates involved- Ernst, Cotton, Purdue, Gardner- will make the Republicans in Congress the most radically pro-wealth, anti-government, far-right Congress in history.

What happened? My thoughts:

(1) Democrats failed to stand for anything- AGAIN. The closest they came to a united front was on women's issues- equality, abortion, health care. Allison Grimes, Mark Pryor, and Wendy Davis presented themselves as pro-gun, pro-business, pro-fossil-fuels conservative Democrats, and still lost. The Democratic Party even failed to stand for the idea of having a Democratic Party by pulling their candidate in Kansas to make room for an independent who said he'd caucus for whichever party had a majority.

(2) Obama lost the support of the more liberal portion of his base, who stayed home and didn't turn out in the numbers needed to win. The Ebola scare was a factor, but the main issue was ISIS- and the fact that we're going back into Iraq, throwing away one of the very few permanent accomplishments of Obama's presidential term.

(3) Dark money. Right now conservatives are claiming that Democrats outspent Republicans by a factor of two to one. In the last three months of the election this just wasn't so. The Kochs and their allies poured money into advertising at a rate better than five to one above Democratic dark-money groups.

Note: I don't think electronic voting machines and voter-ID disenfranchisement played that great a role in last night's disaster. The trend was national, electronic or paper ballot, hidden-poll-tax or open voting. I still believe voter IDs should be absolutely free to all and that only paper ballots should be counted in any election, but that's because they're just the right thing to do- not because of any advantage one side or the other gets from them.

For a bit of number crunching, here's the rough margins in Texas in past statewide elections where R's and D's are both in the race. (Not counting races with Rick Perry in them; Perry has almost always been much less popular than the rest of his party.)

2002 - 57-41 R, Dems with 1,800,000 avg. votes
2004 - 60-39 R, Dems with 2,800,000 avg. votes
2006 - 59-37 R, Dems with 1,600,000 avg. votes
2008 - 55-43 R, Dems with 3,400,000 avg. votes
2010 - 61-35 R, Dems with 1,700,000 avg. votes
2012 - 56-41 R, Dems with 3,200,000 avg. votes
2014 - 59-38 R, Dems with 1,700,000 avg. votes

The remarkable thing, looking back on the results, is that over the past decade variations between candidates of the same party have grown fewer and fewer. In short, it no longer matters who Democrats and Republicans run for the most part. Voters are voting the party label, not the candidate.

Which means that Democrats, at least in Texas, can't hope to win by moving to the center or right and claiming to be "big business Democrats" like Wendy Davis did. And like Bill White did. And like all the others before, pretty much. If you're a Democrat, you might as well own the label, embrace the party platform, and go down swinging for what you supposedly believe in... otherwise, what good are you?

And for everyone who keeps hearing about "inevitable demographic shifts," "the new majority," etc... don't believe the hype. The above numbers are pretty damn stable. Republicans ran to rich white men, gave the middle finger to everyone else, and WON. They're not going to change, except to become more extreme as the rich white men demand more control, more privilege, and more money as return on investment. The only way to get Texas to shift to the left is to CAMPAIGN on a platform advocating a shift to the left.

And I don't believe the Democratic Party establishment is up to that- or even particularly interested in doing it, since so many of them are indebted to those same rich white men for campaign funds.
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So, I had a splendid AnimeFEST- sales up, profits up (even after paying Mischa Jones, who was booth babe and frustrated artist at my booth), encounted a new game I need to buy, won another game in a "play game and get raffle ticket" thing... all in all, for me the only downer was the smoke-stank hotel room I had up the road at the Extended Stay Market Center.

Mischa, however, had a generally rotten time, especially on Monday. She locked her keys, phone, purse, and con badge in her car, and she didn't dare leave the parking lot for fear her car would be booted... since it requires you put the parking receipt on your dash, inside the car.

The helper at Pegasus Publishing's booth- not Lillian, but someone I don't think I've met before- was behind Mischa in line to pay for parking. Mischa asked her to send a message for me to rush down and help, but somehow the message transformed into: "Your helper's had a bit of a breakdown, but I sent a con staffer to get help for her, she's paid for her parking and the attendant probably has a slim-jim, so she'll be fine, we talked her down, don't worry."

Well, Mischa ended up spending two hours in the sun and $45 (which I covered) for the pop-lock. She got heat exhaustion, a sunburn, severe cramps, and a true capper on an already rotten start to her day... thanks to a game of "telephone" gone awry.

The key point here is that what I took from the message was: (a) "Mischa was upset, but we've talked her down and things are under control" (entirely wrong): and (b) "Mischa paid for her parking," combined with, "She locked her keys and phone in her car," which led me to assume (wrongly) that Mischa had her purse and badge on her. The purse was never mentioned, and I don't leave my hotel room without wearing my badge, so I ended up with a wholly mistaken take on the situation.

Mischa is furious, because she spent the rest of the day sick as a dog from the heat-cold whiplash between too long outside and the 65 degrees F of the dealer's room. I didn't have that, but I'm pretty annoyed too... mostly with myself. The next time someone says, "Your helper/friend is in trouble, but don't worry, it's under control," I'm going to say, "Fuck that. I'm going to make goddamn sure it IS under control." Because, apparently, I can't trust people to actually listen to what my friends are trying to tell them.
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Feel free to provide input: I don't remember the song well, don't own a copy and don't want to buy one just now.

Tune: "Sarah Jane's Last Dance" by Tom Petty

She grew up in suburbian London
Had a scientist auntie who was never around
But she grew up smart and she grew up brave
With a chip kept on her shoulder and a universe to save

Well, she snuck in here using Auntie's name
She gave the thing away, but she felt no shame
I was in UNIT when she needed rescuin'
I said, "It's all right Sarah, but I got to keep movin'
Keep movin' on"

Last dance with Sarah Jane, save the planet once again
I feel this body wearin' thin and I'm tired of regeneratin'

Well, I don't know, but I've been told
I never slow down, I never grow old
I'm tired of the TARDIS, tired of this zone
Tired of myself and of being alone

Oh my my, you looked cute
When you wore the Andy Panda suit
Let's take a trip to Peleadon
Living for the moment 'cause I can't stay long

Last dance with Sarah Jane, save the planet once again
I feel this body wearin' thin and I'm tired of regeneratin'

The centuries that I would give
To hear her say "Eldraad Must Live"
The robot and the seeds of doom
I knew that it would end too soon

Oh my my, you looked cute
When you wore the Andy Panda suit
Now I'm standing in the shadow of Rassilon's throne
Don't have time to cry but I feel so alone

Last dance with Sarah Jane, save the planet once again
I feel this body wearin' thin and I'm tired of regeneratin'
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Thing to consider about Samuel Alito's ruling, that not enough people are considering.

The Hobby Lobby ruling majority says, at one point, that the Supreme Court has no proper place to judge the validity of the facts or the nature of someone's religious beliefs, once sufficient proof is presented that the person claiming those beliefs is geniuine in that belief.

This means that, if a corporation claims that the earth is flat on religious grounds, the Supreme Court can't say no.

Actually not so much; rather, what it means is that Samuel Alito in particular, and at least three of his four fellow conservative Supreme Court justices, are signaling with a large bullhorn to their fellow conservatives that, in their rulings, religion will trump fact.

It won't be a matter of, "Can you prove otherwise?" When it comes to religious beliefs, no matter how ridiculous, the conservative Supreme Court will disallow any attempt to prove otherwise. So will any and all lower courts that take Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius as precedent.

This will carry over into other jurisprudence besides labor or health care. Teaching evolution? No- that would violate the religious beliefs of young-earth creationists, so let's abolish science in public schools. Pollution regulation? No- several corporations, beginning with Koch Industries, believe that only God, not man, can change the environment, so laws against pollution are now violations of religious freedom and thus unconstitutional.

Really, there's no aspect of this ruling which isn't horrible. Alito is signaling: Give me the right case, and I'll smash everything you don't like about popular government, on the grounds of religion.

And the right case will come.
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If you haven't heard, the current House Majority Leader, David Cantor, lost his re-election bid in the Republican primary to an economics professor and Tea Party darling.

But who is Prof. David Brat?

He's a Randian economist with a degree in both economics and divinity... and the economics degree is from a radical Christian college.

He's someone who believes in enforced religious worship rather than government regulation of commerce.

He also believes that, if Germany had been more Christian and Capitalist, Hitler would never have come to power. (Never mind the fact that it was conservative corporate and financial bigwigs who opened the door for Hitler in the first place.)

His professorship is funded by a billionaire who used to run the libertarian Cato Institute, and who has very close ties to the Kochs. Also, he was overwhelmingly supported by conservative talking heads whose shows would be economically unsustainable without Koch sponsorship dollars.

I've mislaid the links which refer to his support for cutting Medicare and Social Security to a third of their current levels, but that's his position. He also supports government shutdown for as long as it takes to achieve total Democratic capitulation. Yes, he regards the 2011 "deal" as a Republican surrender.

And... most important... he is almost certainly the next representative for Virginia's 7th District.

The Democratic candidate is a professor from the same college as Brat. He will have little to no money. Brat already won the primary on black money support; now the taps will really open up for him. It's almost certain no similar funding rush will be provided to the Democrat.

As odious as Cantor is, it's almost certain that the Republican Party managed to find someone even worse for our nation. And we're almost certainly stuck with him.
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Book 3's backup begins today- "The Emperor's Foxy Lady!"
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(The title is taken from the theme music a friend of mine uses as a ring tone for when I call her, since I never call unless I'm gloating, whining, or in really serious trouble. This isn't far from the truth; I hate phones with a passion, and I only call when I have something serious and important in mind.)

Recently, what with one thing and another, I experimented with adding several titles from Harry Abrams & Co. (an imprint of Hatchette Book Group, who also own Yen Press and Little Young & Co., from whom I get the Haruhi Suzumiya, Yotsuba, and My Little Pony books I carry).

Three of these titles stand out because they're nonfiction graphic novels- that is, they're meant to be educational, yet at the same time easily accessible. One of them I love; one of them I loathe; and one of them... well.
Three short reviews behind the cut- your mileage may vary. )

Maybe I should just stick to stocking My Little Pony books...


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