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Foul language and stuff re: DC Comics behind the cut... )
So my money's not going into DC's back pocket, thanks.

Oh- and read this. I strongly suspect the writer won't care for anything I do, but what she has to say about the DC reboot is RIGHT ON THE MONEY... especially THIS:

I’ve never wanted comics to be re-written so they’re all about tampons and kittens in people clothes, or whatever a certain sector of the male audience thinks female readers want in comics. I love superhero comics. I love them for what they are and what they can be. I can guarantee you I get just as excited when Captain America throws his shield or Thor yells “I say thee nay” as any man ever has. I don’t even want women in comics to suddenly all have tiny breasts and wear baggy costumes. Because hey, the men have crazy muscles and tight costumes, too. Cheesecake and beefcake are both part of the aesthetic. I just don’t want to be actively offended by what I’m reading. I don’t want to be told while I’m trying to read and enjoy something I spent my money on that it isn’t really for me. I don’t have to be courted; I’m already buying comics. I would, however, like not to be driven away.

And this:

But what a lot of the commenters on Red Hood and the Outlaws seem to be forgetting is that Starfire is not a real person who made the choice to have lots of anonymous sex on her own. She is not a “sexually liberated woman.” She’s a character, who was written by a person – specifically, a man. Starfire’s preening in a bikini and talking about how she wants to have sex with people whose names she won’t even remember is not about celebrating the sexually-liberated woman of the Twenty-First Century, throwing off the shackles of male oppression. It’s about giving men the chance to fantasize about having a hot chick with big boobs want to do them without any consequences. Don’t believe me? Look at the responses to Starfire’s “liberated sexuality” by the male characters in the comic. They ogle her and they discuss their own sexual conquests of her. It’s not about Starfire and her adult choices regarding sex. It’s about male fantasy.

That sums it up, thanks.


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