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I believe, and continue to believe, that all humans have the right of self-defense... and, therefore, the right to possess the means necessary for self-defense. This includes lethal firearms.

However, I do NOT believe people have the right to endanger other people, either through deliberate action, reckless negligence, or simple incompetence or incapacity.

And that's why I grind my teeth when I read about a state that thinks letting blind people carry guns in public is a good idea.

Blind people. With guns.

To paraphrase a certain comedian, how do you make a noise that ain't like a mugger?

Add to this the recent fatal shootout that a 107-year-old man had with the police, and the only question to be asked is: why is the right to own a gun held more important in this country than the right to not be shot?

Add to this the spreading use of "pre-emptive self defense" to justify shooting others without warning, and it becomes even more clear that the legendary "responsible gun owner" is a lot rarer creature than we previously thought.

I know quite a few gun-rights people whose brains just switch off whenever the subject comes up. On most other subjects they are persuadable, thoughtful individuals, but mention any object designed to propel a small projectile out of a metal cylinder for the purpose of punching holes in something a good ways away and they transform into NRA parrots. "ABSOLUTE RIGHT! TYRANNY! BALLOT BOX OR AMMO BOX! ARMED SOCIETY POLITE SOCIETY!" etc.

How much longer will these people continue to deny the bloody obvious- there are some people who just plain cannot be trusted with devices that make death simple, easy, and cheap?

I don't call for the repeal of the Second Amendment because I doubt that any form of self-defense would survive said repeal... but some limit on the right to keep and bear arms is necessary, unless we're willing to write off "the right to keep breathing" as a Constitutionally protected right.

EDIT: Another bad example of the "An Armed Society is a Polite Society" crowd. What kind of mentality is it, that makes one willing to kill to protect a goddamn DRIVEWAY?
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Over the years I've thought of several ways that, given the backing and political support, I'd like to see the US Constitution amended. Some proposals parallel or overlap those of other people, others not. Here's what I currently believe should be changed in our Constitution, beyond all question:

THE BUSH AMENDMENT- rein in the Dictator-in-Chief's powers )

THE GONZALES AMENDMENT- take the Department of Justice away from the President and give it to the judiciary, where it belongs )

THE PELOSI AMENDMENT- take impeachment away from Congress, reducing the politicization of the process )

THE KENNEDY-CLINTON AMENDMENT- end dynasties in elective office )

THE GOLDMAN-SACHS AMENDMENT- overturn corporate personhood )

THE DEMINT AMENDMENT- end stonewalling of Presidential appointees that require Senatorial advice and consent )

Comments? What other ways do you think the Constitution should be changed?


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