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We are all in this together. Unfortunately, the other side thinks otherwise- and that all who disagree with them are part of an evil foreign conspiracy.

And that belief stems from purely bigoted traditions centuries old in the United States.
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Inspired by someone calling for "real talk" about Islam in the wake of today's bombings in Brussels.

The one quote I feel most strongly about:

Your opinion, whatever it is, cannot force my silence; and my opinion cannot force your silence.
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Some recent news articles that reinforce my belief that a second civil war is not long off...

... when it comes, there will be no winners. Everyone will lose, either life or freedom.

And that's how conservatives want it.
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Today I finally got fed up with the emails I keep getting from Texas's version of Grover Norquist, Michael Quinn Sullivan.

<A HREF="">Today's essay is the result.</a>

Independence means quite a different thing to the working poor.
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Why Harry Reid is the Republicans' best friend...

and a letter to my (Republican) (wackjob) Congressman asking him to support Constitutional amendments to reform campaign finance and spending.


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