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I begin with: And this, too, shall pass.

Saying goodbye to a childhood home. )
I'm a little sad to see it die... and much relieved that the rotting deathtrap and all its junk will soon be out of my life.
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... but this is the sort of thing one has to accept when one lives in the forest.

Photos from my front yard under the cut- insect-filled photos.. )
Yep- termites, swarming. The forest is filled with 'em- and, obviously, so is this pine tree, which technically is still alive. It's at least fifty years old, maybe older... but it had a twin next to it, and it died of... guess what?

And like its twin, this one will likely need to be chopped down so that, when it falls, it doesn't take out the main power lines just the other side of that fence. The tree itself is a good six to seven stories tall- 60-70 ft.

And it's not the tallest pine tree in the yard, either.

Unfortunately, we can't afford an exterminator for the tree. Nor will anything topical, any spray or anything, do anything for the bugs. You have to dig in and saturate the burrows... only, the termites came in through the roots and under the bark, which is hollow and riddled.

So- all we can do is put up with this, especially as these particular bugs have billions upon billions of cousins in the woods all around the house anyway...


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