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I'm fond, at least in theory, of weird variants of poker. Texas Hold 'Em in particular bores me, and I'm not too good at it because I get tired of passing up hands which are potentially playable because they're not perfect. Unfortunately I live too far out in the boonies to get a geekly weekly poker game going, otherwise I'd be bringing my nickels to ante every week.

But I've just had a notion for a poker variant, well, you can read the title.


Start with either five-card or seven-card stud, with the last round of cards dealt up.

Aces are always low. (Sorry, Ace.)

Whenever a king is dealt, that is the Master; any player who is dealt a king face-down must immediately show the king face up. The Master is wild. However, there can be only one Master; thus, when a second king is dealt, the first king becomes a dead card (of no rank or suit). So on with third, and then fourth. If a jack is dealt face up after the fourth king, then ALL kings become Masters (the End of Time) and wild.

Queens are Companions, and thus queens are the highest rank in the game, but otherwise ordinary.

The Doctor wins out in the end- thus the last face-up card dealt in the last round of dealing is the Doctor, and it and all others of its rank are wild.


the last card dealt on the last round is a Queen- this would be a Bad Wolf. If this happens, all kings are dead and there are no wild cards.


the last card dealt on the last round is a King- in which case, if there are enough cards left in the deck, add another round of cards and betting to the game. If there's not enough cards left to go round, then all hands are dead- the pot stays put, and those players who have not folded re-ante and deal a new hand.

Once you fold, you're out.


Queens (Companions) are Bugs (you can use them to fill a straight or flush) so long as you only have one in your hand. If by some bizarre freak of circumstance you have all four Doctor cards plus a Queen, then you've got Five Doctors- the highest conceivable hand.



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