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Caveat: I did not vote or participate in any way in Sasquon, the 2015 Hugo Awards, or anything associated with either. The reasons I did not vote are: (1) I didn't feel like reading all the things nominated for the awards, and I don't feel qualified to vote in awards polls without some knowledge of all the options; and (2) I regard the Hugos as an unimportant popularity contest, not worth more than an occasional hour or so out of my free time. I'm only writing this because of the incredible stupidity and insanity involved with the Sad/Rabid Puppies movement.

To the supporters of Sad/Rabid Puppies: You are all insane.

Having said the single most important thing in this post, I will now explain why I say it.
Or you can move on to read something else now... )
This is why I don't just think you're assholes; you're insane.

Only assholes do things for the primary purpose of making other people angry.

And only insane people think they can do asshole things and have their victims love them for it afterwards.


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