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Looking at the following page today:

Yes, that's right. 28,000 over 32,000 signatures supporting Texan secession from the Union.

This is, of course, not surprising in the least. The next county over, a Ron Paulite teabagger made news headlines by calling for the same thing- and a lot more important Republicans than him have been making secessionist noises.

So, looking at similar petitions, I find as of this writing:

Alabama - 8,555 signatures
Arkansas - 4,654
Colorado - 6,370
Florida - 8,387
Georgia - 6,414 + 5,474 (duplicate petition)
Indiana - 6,063
Kentucky - 5,945
Louisiana - 17,255
Michigan - 5,440
Mississippi - 6,026
Missouri - 4,491
Montana - 5,108
New Jersey - 4,767
New York - 5,572
North Carolina - 5,238
North Dakota - 4,603
Oklahoma - 2,164
Oregon - 5,111
Tennessee - 7,038

I'm not surprised, but I am appalled all to hell and gone.

So I'm asking you to go sign THIS petition that I just made- and pass the word and get as many people to sign as possible.

Secession may seem like a longshot... but if it happens, people like me stuck in seceding states will be in deep, DEEP shit.

We will need another Lincoln- by which I mean not a wise and clever statesman, but a man of principle willing to wade through an ocean of blood if that's what it takes to protect the nation and defend the rights of all Americans.


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